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Investing in Marijuana

Since recreational marijuana sales and use has become legal for residents of Colorado and Washington in 2013, the business of marijuana has garnered national attenction. New marijuana companies have risen and gone public only to see tumultuous ups and down as laws are ironed out, but there is clearly an opportunity to be had and money to be made in cannabusiness. Alcohol is a $155 billion industry, and with marijuana becoming legal people are asking themselves about its potential profitability.

Adaptation and Acceptance

A recent ORC/CNN poll reveals that 55% of Americans believe recreational use of marijuana should be legal: more than 3x the 16% who thought so 25 years ago. Further, three out of every four people polled believe that alcohol is more dangerous than marijuana. The national mindset is shifting rapidly regarding legal cannabis, and many are looking for investment oportunities.

Solid Marijuna User Base

Marijuana had a solid user base even before it was legal. According to the 2008 National Survey on Drug Use & Health, prepared by the U.S. Department of Human Health and Services, 35 million Americans were willing to tell government representatives that they had used marijuana in the last year. 3.5 million said they were daily users. Considering the posession of marijuana is a Class-A felony in the United States, we wonder how many people were remaining silent.

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